Spaghetti in Garlic & Oil

This is one of my all time favorite recipes. I cook a version of it once a week every week. What makes this recipe so special is how unassuming and versatile it is. Don't have cherry tomatoes? No problem, use some tomato paste. Have some spare celery lying around? Beautiful, add some thinly sliced celery in place of the tomatoes. Feeling a little under the weather? Add some hearty greens like Tuscan Kale or Swiss Chard and Parsley for an antioxidant bombshell. The best part is watching your guests eyes get wide as this simple bowl of pasta blows and overwhelms their taste buds with the salty, spicy, oily broth topped with the funkiness of quality Pecorino and the texture of freshly toasted breadcrumbs. To truly impress, whip it up in 20 minutes after a long night of drinking with friends to reduce the inevitable hangover and prepare yourself for the equally inevitable flood of compliments.