When was the first time you really noticed food? I bet it wasn’t just the food you remember either, I bet you remember the place you were and the people you were with. Maybe it was an ice cream cone enjoyed on a hot summer night with your first crush, sitting on the boardwalk listening to the crashing waves. Or maybe it was a classic NY style slice of pizza, being scarfed down (folded in half of course) while dodging traffic on the streets of Brooklyn rushing to a job interview.

For me, it was a simple Italian dish of pasta and beans whipped together effortlessly by my grandfather while he told me stories of cooking for his fellow servicemen during the war. I couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7 years old at the time and little did I know that this would become the first in thousands of my fondest memories, all anchored around the dinner table.

You see, it isn't only about the food, but it’s about the experience, the story and the inspiration behind the meal and the people you enjoyed it with. So that’s why I founded TheBite.Life. There are plenty of places to buy cool, specialty foods, but we want to bring together these unique foods with the stories from their eccentric makers. Hopefully our products will bring you around the table with your family and friends and inspire you in the same way my Grandfathers humble bowl of pasta and beans did to me.

Michael James Emanuele

-Founder TheBite.Life